Wildlife Holidays

All across the world live some of the most breathtaking animals and wildlife that can only be truly appreciated by the naked eye. From the ice-cold Arctic to the African savannah, there are so many fascinating creatures rich in colour and different in temperament that just have to be experienced for real with one of our truly spectacular holidays.

It's been said that nothing beats being so intimately close to the world's most incredible living things, so it's time to bring your dreams to reality when you pick a wildlife adventure to travel far and wide. Whether you wish to spot grizzly bears or whale-watch in Canada, watch hippos on the riverbank, or aid the conservation of pink river dolphins along the Amazon... we've got it all right here at Hays Travel.

Prepare your camera and get snappy in Sri Lanka as you spot the beautiful, native elephants or embark a safari ride to notice the Great Migration storming across the mighty Mara River. Indonesian Komodo dragons are an unforgettable discovery or experience the human-like characteristics and mannerisms of the orang-utans of Borneo. Find giant pandas in the charming bamboo forests of China's mountainous north or join a chorus of the most colourful birdlife in India's mesmerising national parks.

Simply hand-pick your desired holiday destination and our team of travel experts will let you know the best ways to spot all the animals you dream of seeing, and pick helpful local guides to form you the perfect, tailor-made trip.

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